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Functional Movement Specialist & USAW Sports Performance Coach


•USAW Sports Performance Coach (USAW) that trains and empowers athletes to strive for  constant       progression, perusing personal goals, and winning championships! 

•Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) that assists individuals with improving their flexibility, enhancing their mobility, and program design for corrective exercise programs. 

•Dynamic Trainer that motivates the mind, activates the body, and energizes the soul!

•Player Development Coach that sharpening the mental edge and heightens the competitive fervor.

Fitness Consultant that creates customize training programs, assisting with building personals home   gyms and prepares optimal nutrition regimens for individuals seeking to reach their ultimate goal.


•Central Michigan University Graduate (2006)

 MAJOR: Broadcast Cinematic Arts 


Michael Pryce is a certified (USAW) Sports Performance Coach & (FMS) Functional Movement Specialist located in the DMV area. He builds, strengthens, and enhances athletes and individuals to be "physically fit" and to be "psychologically balanced" through proper rest, exercise, and diet. Pryce also instructs community fitness workouts, presents fitness regimens at health fairs, and speaks at fitness expos across the country.

At a young age Pryce's driving force of never wanting to be "average" fueled his internal motivation to build his mindset, strengthen his character, and maximize his gifts, talents, and abilities. "Since I can remember, I have always been a changer, difference maker, dynamic superstar!

There is more to life than just exchanging our precious time for dollars. Every "24" is a new 

opportunity for progression. In this life we live, we get one shot. We must aim to make an impact, not an impression.”

In 2014, Pryce launched his own fitness brand called "All Good Athletics." A fitness brand that specializes in virtual workouts, sports performance, and community fitness. "Besides my parents, training has practically raised me. Training has always been my most consistent teacher. Being an athlete, you learn that life and training go hand in hand. The discipline, consistency, and sacrifices I had to make and continue to make, have taught me how to focus and mentally prepare myself for life's challenges. I am very grateful for the lessons training has taught me."

Originally from Southwest, Florida, Pryce comes from a family of 11 siblings. In his spare time,

Pryce likes to travel the world, attend sporting events, and spend time with his son.


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